Employee Spotlight: Dan Brown

Dan Brown has worked at Zin Bistro Americana since opening day. His dedication to the restaurant and its customers has landed him a spot as one of Zin’s weekend supervisors. Dan looks forward to seeing his second family at his second home, Zin, five days a week. Dan’s hard work ethic can be seen in everything he does. Whether it be helping a customer in need, covering a shift for another Zin employee, or suggesting one of his favorite dishes to a curious customer, Dan Brown makes a visible impact on the restaurant.

Without Dan’s presence, Zin would not be the same. On his days off, Dan loves to spend time with his beautiful girlfriend, Shelby, and with his two loving cats, Reggie and Zippy. Dan loves wins from his favorite teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the USC Trojans. We invite you receive a warm welcome from Dan Tuesday through Saturday at Zin.

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