Tableside Magician On Friday Evenings On The Lake

Tableside Magician On Friday Evenings On The Lake

If you have not had the chance to meet our new magician, Kris Sheppard, at Zin Bistro, you must make your way over! Performing tableside on Friday evenings, Kris Sheppard adds to the already amazing atmosphere on the lake. His skills make for an even more memorable evening lakeside.

If you think Kris’ magic will be similar to that seen on television or on stage at a magic show, prepare to be amazed! Kris is not here to direct assistants and pull bunnies out of his jacket. Rather, Kris specializes in interactive magic with everyday objects that may be right in front of you at all times. This intimate form of magic is engaging, and connects the audience on a personal level. Kris will surely leave a lasting impression on your evening.

Make your reservation at Zin Bistro Americana today and allow our magician, Kris Sheppard to transform your dining experience on the lake.

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