Westlake Island Lake – Humane Fishing, Catch and Release Policy

In Conejo Valley, Westlake Island Lake is known for its respectful environment and humane fishing conditions. Courtesy is expected among fellow fisherman when managing their boats, the quiet atmosphere, and upholding lake policies and regulations. Recreational fishing regulations are set by the Westlake Lake Management Association (WLMA) which enforces fisherman permits, the lake’s catch and release policy, and use of humane baits and hooks.

Permits are required by WLMA and California law; anyone fishing in the lake must have a valid California fishing license and be aged 16 or older (guests of residents have further restrictions). According to WLMA regulations, fish that are caught should be immediately released back into the lake. By returning the fish, the lake is kept healthy and populated and by using human bait and hooks, harm to the fish is minimal.

Regulations demand that hooks be barbless and live bait cannot be used.  Artificial lures, flies, and plastic bait may be used but nothing organic is allowed. The Westlake Island Lake is enjoyed by area residents with the well maintained waters, fish supply, and respect of other fisherman. The lake offers fisherman satisfying recreation as well as tranquil beauty.

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