Zin Bistro Americana Offers Fantastic Drinks Thanks to Bartender Bryan Molinar

We are proud to introduce our amazing bartender, Bryan Molinar! He is a genuine team player and has been one of the best employees at our restaurant for the past 3 years. He is known for his sense of humor and funny jokes, as well as his fancy twist he puts on Zin’s drinks. He is always eager to help other employees and works to create a fun atmosphere for everyone around him. 

Bryan is not only a bartender 30-35 hours out of the week, but he is also a full time student studying business finance at CSUN. 

While bartending Bryan strives to create festive and fun holiday and specialty drinks while building relationships with his customers. His cocktails fit well with the relaxing atmosphere and lake view of the area. Come and relax at Zin while enjoying a fantastic drink made by Bryan! 

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